Tailwheel Training in the Condor - a Personal Journey

ILAS Chairman Loman O'Byrne Blogs about his experience of ILAS's own classic taildragger 

Having achieved a PPL in C150s, I need to exercise the privileges of this 'license to learn'.  So it makes complete sense to further my flying education by adding a tailwheel endorsement..... However, the result will not be merely an ability to land a tailwheel aircraft but a completely transformed level of 'stick and rudder' flying skill.



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Welcome to the website of ILAS, the Irish Light Aviation Society. 

ILAS represents pilots and builders/restorers of light aircraft that operate under a 'permit to fly'.

Our members build their own aircraft from kits or plans and restore classic and vintage aircraft. They fly their aircraft across Ireland and tour overseas. They also engage in Aerobatics.

ILAS operates a system of initial and ongoing airworthiness inspection for our fleet  as well as supervising homebuild and restoration projects, under a delegation from the Irish Aviation Authority



Fly the Condor

The Rollason Condor EI-BDX is a bequest by former member Brian Douglas RIP and has been made available for the use of all ILAS members through its new owners, the Condor Trust.  Members can sign up to use it for flight training or simply to maintain currency. It operates from  ILAS field (EIIF) in Taghmon, Wexford.


Visit ILAS Field (EIIF)

"ILAS field" is the airfield operated by ILAS at Taghmon, County Wexford. There is a clubhouse at the field, where the kettle is never far from the boil.  Wexford Flying Club provide training at EIIF using the Condor and a Motorfalke touring motor glider. All are welcome to visit with prior permission from the Airfield Co-ordinator Aidan Power on 087 676 5207 and aidansec@gmail.com



Explore Permit Aviation

Permit aviation is the gateway to lower cost flying.  The key feature is that the pilot/owner of permit type aircraft takes full legal responsibility for the airworthiness of their aircraft and in return can do far more of their own maintenance, even building the aircraft from scratch or restoring an un-airworthy aircraft.

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"Irish Light Aviation Society" (ILAS) is a voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated society .
c/o 15 Herbert Park, Bray, Co. Wicklow A98 P3X2,Ireland

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